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A Consulting Firm for Small & Mid Sized Businesses

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Small Business

We understand the difficulties of operating an entire business while simultanously taking care of major responsibilities such as filing state taxes, creating marketing plans, hiring freelancers, new employees or even trying to find the time to make profit analysis. Let us help you with all of these tasks and more.

Mid-Size Business

Managing anywhere from tens to hundreds of employees, managers, maybe even multiple locations can complicate daily operations. These complications tend to obscure weakpoints in multiple areas. Allow us to shed light into these unknown problem zones and help you correct them. We specialize in Mid-Size Manufacturers, E-Commerce & Software Development Companies.


Profit is not about increasing your price. More often it is about lowering cost and maintain current price for higher margins. Let us help you find more affordable vendors, mainstream workflows and find your competitive advantage.

Tax Compliance Consulting

Online Sales Tax since the South Dakota v. Wayfair lawsuit have been become steadily more and more complicated. We have extensive knowledge about Online Sales Tax as local and remote seller to a state, let us share our expertise with you.


Most software & tools complete few of the tasks a large or small business requires. This rarity of all-in-one solutions can result in paying too much for too little. Let us find you the right tools, or build custom software either as an internal tool, or for your end-user.

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We are consultants & managers

OmakaseĀ is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you” and has its roots in Sushi restaurants. One might be used to order ‘A la Carte’ where one selects the desired foods from a menu. When one orders an ‘Omakase’ dish however, it means that you hand off any responsibility of choosing and put your entire trust into the chef in hopes to be delighted.

We adopted that phrase as our company name because we believe as consultants and project managers that our value lies in our expertise. As an executive, business owner or manager you must realize that hiring us is to take the stress off of your shoulders and allow us to work in a way you might have not thought before.

At Omakase Consult we take pride in our experience and want to pass our learned lessons onto your business so that you can succeed at an even greater measure than before. In short – we wish to delight you by smoothing out your workflows, increase profitability and improve your company overall.

“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”

6 Reasons To Hire Us

Omakase Core Values


We are committed to keeping everything simple.


Clear communication

We do not beat around the bush in regard to facts and reports.

Deep-Dive ANalysis

We perform Root-Cause & Bottom-Up Analysis.

On Schedule

When we state something will be done by a certain date, it will be.

Bottom Line Focus

Your bottom line is our constant focus.

Ideas tailored to you

When we work with you, we give you genuine custom advice – no recycled data, approaches or reports.

What our customers say

“Andreas from Omakase Consult in entirety is one of the bestĀ I have ever worked with. His passion, willingness to explain and sharing knowledge in his field exemplify professionalism at its finest. Additionally, his project management skills and interest in my needs is unparalleled to anything I have ever seen when hiring a third party. He is a charismatic consultant that can effectively pin-point pain points and deliver effective solutions.”

– Frederick


“Omakse Consult was a good consulting partner. They constantly challenged me to push myself and my company, but accepted when I hit limits I simply couldn’t pass at that time and provided tools to overcome these limits. They took the time to help me understand their approaches and strategies while asking many questions in order to understand our business model better and provide adequate solutions.”

– Andrew